The Dells Live Steamers and Model Engineers Club owes its existence to the generosity of Mrs. Joseph Spielman and the diligent efforts of Bill Koster.

Mrs. Spielman donated the equipment owned by her late husband, and Bill Koster moved all of the rolling stock and track to the Riverside & Great Northern Railway site in the summer of 1992. This consisted of the A-B-A set of electrically operated diesel-type locomotives, a gasoline-powered 0-4-0 switcher, two gondolas, one flat car, one caboose, and some 900 feet of 7 1/2 inch gauge track in ten foot sections.

Bill Koster then sent out an announcement to interested persons in the area, and an organizational meeting was held August 29, 1992. After a number of years of work by a small group of dedicated members, our track, consisting of two loops with a double track connection between them, was completed, using the donated track as well as new track purchased and constructed by the club. We welcome anyone who would like to join us and participate in our activities.Our primary goal is to enjoy our hobby.

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